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We are 5 friends with one mission. All of us have a start-up background and love a fast paced and dynamic work environment. We experienced first hand the struggles of hiring for young businesses. We are motivated by making your life easier and leaving you more time for what matters.  

Starting at Stryber I soon realized that my passion lies within recruiting.


Growth Marketer and Talent Acquisition Manager

I always worked in Recruiting. With TalentHub I found a company that has the same values.


Senior Talent Acquisition Manager

Stryber GmbH

Oskar von Miller Straße 20

80333 München

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We understand your needs

Because we build fast-growing Start-Ups ourselves, we know the motivation, culture and skills it takes to build successful start-ups. 
We will always source your talents based on your needs and vision. Our priority is to understand the requirements of the position and the company. 

We offer talents with the perfect fit

Only then we can provide the perfect fit. Our carefully selected, diverse talents are defined by a start-up mindset and out-of-the-box-thinking. They will enable you to grow your business. 

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Make the perfect fit between talent and job effortless!

TalentHub by Stryber helps you grow your start-up by providing the perfect match for your open job positions.

Our Mission

Our Values

NO Bullshit
We are empathic.
We are pragmatic. 
We are enthusiastic. 

My background is in Growth Marketing, so I know how hard it can be to find the right people.


Founder and Talent Acquisition Manager

I always strive to be the best. TalentHub gives me the framework to deliver the best.


UX/UI Designer  and Talent Acquisition Manager

Product Owner and Talent Acquisition Manager


As Product Owner I needed a change. Here my knowledge can be used in many different ways.

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Our Positions

It's a fit!

In the past two years Stryber has grown to a team of 80 people. All of whom are experts in their fields and with the right cultural fit. With some mistakes and a lot of learnings and strategy adjustments we have become experts in hiring the right people, so let us help you in finding the right people for your start-up as well.  

We are a part of Stryber,  a company builder

• Product Manager, Product Owners, Scrum Master, Agile Coach and similar 

• (online) Marketing Manager: digital, SEO, etc., Product Manager, Growth Marketer and similar

• UX and UI Designer

• Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Startup CEO / COO, Venture Architect

We will find the best

We don't want to waste your time!

• A great hire starts with a deep understanding of your start-up, your values and goals.

• In various personal interviews with talents we decode their skills, aspirations and values.

• If there is a perfect fit, we will bring you and the talent together.  


Talent Hub


We are a company builder, so we know that building start-up teams can be messy, takes huge effort and bears high responsibility. Hires deeply impact your business and its growth.

We grew up with this, so trust us!